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ePiL October-December 2006 (pil issue 59)

...October 2006 ePiL - your free updater from Planning in London, the quarterly journal of the London Planning & Development Forum  – Brian Waters, Paul Finch & Lee Mallett 
In this ePiL please find:
- What's in the latest Planning in London magazine
- Find borough planning performance statistics and contacts for all London boroughs, consultant listings and more.
- FREE! copy of The Prefabricated Home by Colin Davies, Reakton Books but there's a catch.
- London Planning & Development Forum meetings are open to visitors. Next meeting is at RIBA 77 Portland Place (not 66) on Monday 11th December 2006* at 2.30 to 5.30pm. Discussion topics:
• Review of Government Planning; • The Economics of Climate Change. Sir Nicholas Stern’s Review.
- Get your own personal copy of Planning in London at 66% off the corporate subscription rate. 
- HOT conferences and events
- How to get the 2006 Planning in London Yearbook at HALF PRICE!

- WHAT'S IN the Oct-Dec issue of PLANNING IN LONDON magazine, issue 59
page 1 Mayor slams planning
FREE DVD: What are we waiting for? The case for decentralised energy courtesy Greenpeace
4 FRONTISPIECE Farringdon Futures: the images   
5 LEADER/OPINIONS* Policy not delivery; Olympic legacy or Emperor’s new clothes?, End of the line, Micro-power through local planning
9 LONDON FIRST Judith Salomon; The future of London City airport, Housing and transport – the virtuous circle, 2006 London Planning Awards
12 BRIEFING*/DIARY - DCLG borough performance tables; !PILLO! Planning Inspectorate learns new validation tricks
16 LONDON PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT FORUM Planning services and the private sector: Bruno Moore of the Audit Commission* at September’s Forum
18 LONDON ARCHITECTURAL BIENNALE Farringdon Futures, Lee Mallett
21 LONDON PLAN FURTHER ALTERATIONS* Forum report: Debbie McMullen, Michael Edwards, Martin Simmons, Sir Peter Hall, Drummond Robson, Discussion 29 STREETS AHEAD IN THE CITY Susannah Glynn on public space schemes in the City
32 LOCAL DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORKS GLA’s planning decisions manager Justin Carr reports 2 years on
Tony Arbour, chairman of the London Assembly planning committee
37 CAR CLUBS – A WIN WIN SOLUTION Philip Igoe, chairman of Carplus makes the case 40 POLICY-BASED EVIDENCE MAKING CPRE’s Henry Oliver takes issue with The Policy Exchange
42 SAFEGUARDING THAMES WHARVES An essential component of the Thames says James Farrar*
45 TfL’s GUIDANCE FOR DEVELOPERS Introduced by Sam Richards, TfL’s head of land use planning
47 CLIMATE CHANGE & ENERGY A turning point for planning? Robert Shaw of the TCPA
49 CONSULTATION: TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING? Councillor Daniel Moylan on renewing Sloane Square*
51 INCLUSIVE DESIGN AND HOW TO DO IT We all have to change says UKiiD’s Andrew Walker
54 BOOKS Andrew Rogers reviews Negotiating the Planning Maze; Dan Thomson reviews CABE’s Transforming our Streets; Caroline Legg reviews London’s Contemporary Architecture.
56 LONDON PLANNING DIRECTORY* 56 Advice directory 57 Planning and Environment reference guide 60 Subscription form
*.pdf/.doc = these may be downloaded from http://www.planninginlondon.com. 
- FREE! copy of The Prefabricated Home by Colin Davies, Reakton Books - but there's a catch. The winner has to review it in the next issue of PiL. Just mailto:planninginlondon@mac.com with name, postal address and the subject ePiL competition.
- Political control of Great Britain: map and detail
- see maps and statistics of local government post-election outcome by PPS Group in PiL 59 and http://www.ppsgroup.co.uk.
 - In PiL and on http://www.planninginlondon.com > DIRECTORY find:
 - Latest planning performance statistics for all London boroughs
 - Planning Advice: where to find specialist consultants
 - Expanded listing of all London Borough planning and environment department and other useful contacts
- The next meeting of the London Planning & Development Forum is at RIBA 77 Portland Place (not 66) on Monday 11th December 2006* at 2.30 to 5.30pm. Discussion topics:
• Review of Government Planning taking account of Kate Barker Barker's Review of Land Use Planning and Householder Development Consents Review which focuses on the link between planning and economic growth. Speakers to be agreed. (Tony Thompson of DCLG to be invited).
• The Economics of Climate Change. Sir Nicholas Stern’s Review, (also commissioned by the Treasury) is looking at the medium to long term economic implications of climate change and assesses approaches to tackle the issue. It is due to be issued before the meeting. Sir Nicholas Stern invited.
- Governing London conference 30 October
- see http://www.capitaconferences.co.uk. For 5% discount call 020 7808 5252, mention PiL.
- Town Planning Conference 11 December
- Bringing plans for urban regeneration through the new planning system
- see http://www.tandfevents.com/planning for details.
- VISIT New London Architecture London's new architecture centre at the Building Centre, Store Street. See link at http://www.planninginlondon.com  PiL is media partner for NLA. Changing face of London : major projects changing London in insert to PiL 59.
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