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In this ePiL find:
- What's in the latest Planning in London magazine?
- Find borough planning performance statistics and contacts for all London boroughs, consultant listing and more.
- FREE! copy of New Residential Architecture by Will Jones - but there's a catch.
- London Planning & Development Forum meetings are open to visitors. Next meeting is September at the RICS
- PiL EXCLUSIVE! Robert Gordon Clark's analysis of the general election results and their implications for London's 2006 elections. See link below.
- New London Architecture: London's new architecture centre opens at the Building Centre.
- Get your own personal copy of Planning in London at 66% off the corporate subscription rate.
- Vision05 art by architects: ACA's new show for architect artists: call for entries!
- GET the 2005 Planning in London Yearbook £10 OFF!
- WHAT'S IN the July/September issue of PLANNING IN LONDON magazine, issue 54?
page 2 OPINION New controls for development; Radical measures to boost urban design skills.
3-7 NEWS & BRIEFING NLA launches; CPRE campaigns for Green Belt; Election analysis; DIARY; next LP&DF meeting; Borough performance and statistics; PILLO!
8 LONDON FIRST Sustainability guidance duplicates regulation; Crossrail: vital; PPP on trial; local funding
11 LONDON PLANNING FORUM Appeals, development control and strategic planning roundup.
12 THE PLANNING ACT Leonora Rozee of PINS: getting it working.
15 VISION RTPI vice-president Clive Harridge: how to deliver.
17 COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Rachel Fisher, Free Form Arts Trust on Leopard! 21 ACCESS TO INFORMATION Barrister Gregory Jones on the effect of the Act
24 MIXED-USE DEVELOPMENT Savill’s Yolande Barnes. Prof. Graeme Evans of the Cities Institute on VivaCity2020.
30 HOUSING EP’s Trevor Beattie on modern methods of construction and ABA’s David Johncox on the history of the London terraced house.
36 DESIGN POLICY Getting design into Framework Plans by CABE’s Esther Kurland.
37 ENGINEERING sustainability: Pattrick Bellew of Atelier Ten.
40 CONTAMINATED LAND RBK&C’s Rebecca Brown on local influence on national policy.
43 e-PLANNING Graham Frankland on e-standards and NeSDS.
45 BOOKS Dictionary of Urbanism: review: Graham McKay; Planning & Property Markets: Vincent Wang; Revival of the Square: Jane Threfall.
47 Expanded quick guide to London authorities, planning & environment.
49 Planning Advice: find a consultant.
51 Internet guide to planning authorities.
- In PiL and on http://www.planninginlondon.com > DIRECTORY find:
- Latest planning performance statistics for all London boroughs
- Planning Advice: where to find specialist consultants
- Expanded listing of all London Borough planning and environment department and other useful contacts
- Internet directory for London Boroughs and useful planning sources
- FREE! copy of New Residential Architecture by Will Jones - but there's a catch!
The winner has to write a 500-word review for October's PiL: Just email your postal address with the subject: epil competition mailto:epilcompetition@bwcp.co.uk
WINNERS of last ePiL competition: Jane Threlfall of John Thompson and Partnerson Transforming Cities:Revival In The Square and Graham McKay on Rob Cowan's Dictionary of Urbanism. Read their reviews in July's PiL together with Vincent Wang's on Planning & Property Markets. PiL BOOKS sponsored by http://www.ribabookshops.com
The next meeting of the Forum is at the RICS, George Street SW1 early in September*. Principal discussion topics are planned to include:
• Audit of the London Plan: progress to date;
• Sub-regional planning frameworks, introduced by Martin Simmons, ALG representative on the Forum;
• the Mayor’s new ‘views management framework’ with a presentation by Richard Coleman and
• TfL’s plans for transforming the public realm. Meetings are open to visitors. Please call Drummond Robson, Forum Secretary, on 020 8449 3113 (robplan@btconnect.com) to confirm details of the event and names of those who wish to attend. Please advise if you have a special interest.
* please check www.planninginlondon.com >LP&DF This listing is provisional and may change.
- PiL EXCLUSIVE! Robert Gordon Clark's analysis of the general election results and their implications for London's 2006 elections. Read this article in full:
http://www.planninginlondon.com > articles.
- New London Architecture: Peter Murray's new architecture centre opened on 7 July in a prominent permanent exhibition space at the Building Centre, Store Street. See report in PiL, at http://www.planninginlondon.com > articles. PiL is media sponsor for NLA.
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- Vision05 art by architects The Association of Consultant Architects is holding a major show at the Cadogan Hall near Sloane Square, new home of the RPO, November-December 2005. Details at http://www.architect-artists.com and in the AJ. A catalogue will be published on the website and in the AJ.
- Planning in London 2005 Yearbook £10 OFF!
Contains comprehensive overview of the current state of planning in London, including article by Mayor Livingstone. Coverage of topical issues and many case studies of the most innovative recent projects in and around London, identifying consultants, services and suppliers involved. Highlight: Roundup for each London borough with comprehensive planning contacts. Designed specifically for professionals involved with all aspects of planning, development and construction. £10 off at £17.50 from Anita Sheridan on 020 7834 9471 or £20 paying by credit card: send details to Anita at 149a Grosvenor Road SW1V 3JY.
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