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 – Brian Waters, Paul Finch & Lee Mallett
In this ePiL find:
- What's in the latest Planning in London magazine? (with thanks to Peter Murray and Wordsearch for giving us a makeover).
- Find borough planning performance statistics, appeals performance and contacts for all London boroughs, consultant listing and more.
- FREE! copies of Tall Buildings: A Strategic Design Guide and MODERN The Modern Movement in Britain - but there's a catch.
- London Planning & Development Forum meetings are open to visitors. Next meeting is at the British Property Federation on 7 December 2.30 to 5.30pm 1 Warwick Row, SW1
- Get your own personal copy of Planning in London at 66% off the corporate subscription rate.
- Vision05 art by architects: ACA's new show for architect artists.
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- WHAT'S IN the NEW LOOK October-December issue of PLANNING IN LONDON magazine, issue 55?
 page 4 OPINION*
Abuse of the planning system; In praise of tariffs; A national park for London;  What price urbanism? 
Diary, Borough Performance and ODPM Statistics, Appeals performance, Next LP&DF meeting, ¡PILLO!, Sketch: West London Tram, London Planning & Development Forum minutes
 Planning for housing provision, Waste & Awards shortlist 
15 RETAIL Sustainable town centres
 Sir Stuart Hampson, Chairman John Lewis Partnership
20 OUTER LONDON Cricklewood/Brent Cross
Suzanne maguire and Martin Simmons
24 PLACEMAKING* The architectural community has much to offer society
CABE Chairman, John Sorrell
 27 URBANISM It’s all around us
David Mackay of MBM Arquitectes, Barcelona
 31 PARLIAMENTARY BUILDING* Intentions behind the design
Sir Michael Hopkins
34 POLICE ESTATE DEVELOPMENT Planning for new policing
Director of property services Alan Croney
Berwin Leighton Paisner’s Ian Trahearne
39 BETTER, CHEAPER HOMES Learning from mistakes
Dr Oliver Marc Hartwich of Policy Exchange
41 LIGHT RAIL Where it’s the best option
Rob Whiteman, chief executive L B Barking & Dagenham
44 CROSSRAIL Free riders or free funds?
Fred Harrison, Land Research Trust
Dan Lewis, Economic Research Council
48 LOW CARBON COMMUNITIES Lifestyles & infrastructure BioRegional’s Pooran Desai
Planning manager S E England Regional Assembly, David Payne
54 ACCESS TO INFORMATION –  part 2 Barrister Greg Jones
New Residential Architecture; Rough Guide to Sustainability, Town Planning at your Fingertips.
Reference guide, On the web, Subscription form, Advice directory.
*these may be downloaded from http://www.planninginlondon.com

- In PiL and on http://www.planninginlondon.com > DIRECTORY find:
- Latest planning performance statistics for all London boroughs
- Planning Advice: where to find specialist consultants
- Expanded listing of all London Borough planning and environment department and other useful contacts
- Internet directory for London Boroughs and planning sources
- FREE! copies of Tall Buildings: A Strategic Design Guide RIBA Books ed. Ziona Strelitz £25. This URL takes you directly to the book at RIBA bookshops: http://www.ribabookshops.com/site/viewtitle.asp?sid=&pid=5557
MODERN The Modern Movement in Britain by Alan Powers and Morley von Sternberg, Merrell £35. 
- but there's a catch!
The winner has to write a 500-word review for January's PiL: Just email your postal address and choice of book with the subject: epil competition mailto:planninginlondon@mac.com
WINNER of last ePiL competition: Alison Sampson of Alsop Design whose review of New Residential Architecture by Will Jones is on page 57. PiL BOOKS sponsored by http://www.ribabookshops.com
The next meeting of the London Planning & Development Forum is at the British Property Federation on 7 December 2.30 to 5.30pm 1 Warwick Row, 7th floor SW1E 5ER.
Discussion topics*:
• London Mayor calls for a bigger regional planning role, including housing, call-in powers and section 106 powers; draft SPG on sustainable design and construction. (Invited speaker judith Solomons of London First).
• Review of local government finance.
• Planning timetable extending to 13 weeks and twin tracking lives on!
Meetings are open to visitors. Please call Drummond Robson, Forum Secretary, on 020 8449 3113 (robplan@btconnect.com) to confirm details of the event and names of those who wish to attend. Please advise if you have a special interest.
* please check www.planninginlondon.com >LP&DF  This listing is provisional and may change.

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- Vision05 – art by architects The Association of Consultant Architects is holding a major show at Duke of York's Square near Sloane Square, from 8 November-2 December 2005. Details at http://www.architect-artists.com. A catalogue will be published on the website and in the AJ.
- Planning in London 2005 Yearbook £10 OFF!
Contains comprehensive overview of the current state of planning in London, including article by Mayor Livingstone. Coverage of topical issues and many case studies of the most innovative recent projects in and around London, identifying consultants, services and suppliers involved. Highlight: Roundup for each London borough with comprehensive planning contacts. Designed specifically for professionals involved with all aspects of planning, development and construction. £10 off at £17.50 from Anita Sheridan on 020 7834 9471 or £20 paying by credit card: send details to Anita at 149a Grosvenor Road SW1V 3JY.
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