WHAT'S IN the October/December 2004 issue of PLANNING IN LONDON, issue 51

2 opinion OPINION Live/work in Hackney; appeals Appeals meltdown

3-8 NEWS & BRIEFING Smithfield unveiled; DLR goes east; appeals delays;GOL publications gol; next LP&DF meeting; planning performance by London boroughs;planning fees to rise fees; PILLO! LP&DF minutes

9 AFFORDABLE HOMES The Mayor's draft supplementary policy considered by Andrew Rogers.

10 LONDON FIRST Land taxation; congestion charging; the Spending Review: London a puppet state?

13 MICHAEL HOWARD Fine words are not enough.

17 FLOATING HOMES William Jeffries on Squire's Fluid City idea.

20 GATED COMMUNITIES LRFG's Tony Manzi and Bill Smith Bowers answer John Thompson's polemic in the last PiL.

22 WASTE Dan Lewis says landfill is not so bad.

23 BRIDGES Des Mairs on Whitbybird's Chelsea bridge.

26 LAND VALUE TAX Robin Waters of RSW Geomatics on land taxation

29 MODELLING Taking the risk out: John Swanson of SDG.

31 HOUSE BUILDING Yasmin Shariff on volume hysteria.

33 DENSITY A toolkit for councillors: John Pounder and Caroline Lwin of the SE Assembly and Kent CC.

35 CONSULTATION Tom Curtin of Green Issues and Drew Mackie. Ê 37 ENERGY Graham Parkhurst of UWE: fuel consumptions.

40 CONTROLS Andrew Rogers on harmonising regimes.

41 Stonor RESEARCH Towards evidence based urban design. Tom Stonor and Chris Stutz of Space Syntax.

43 Expanded quick guide to London authorities, planning & environment.

45 Planning Advice: find a consultant.

47 Internet guide to planning authorities.



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