WHAT'S IN the July/September 2004 issue of PLANNING IN LONDON, issue 50

2 OPINION Save CABEÕs soul; The truth about London.

3-7 NEWS & BRIEFING Culture kickstarts regeneration; Wembley scores; Dome deal done; Diary; Next LP&DF meeting; Planning performance by London boroughs applications January-March 2004 and year to March 2004; EU red tape fouls housing; PILLO! LP&DF minutes. 8 LONDON FIRST International convention centre; London Planning Awards; Career first; How London is run.

11 ELECTIONS ...for London: Robert Gordon Clark sums up.

13-16 BRIEFING Creative regeneration; Planning... a revolution? RTPI convention report; LP&DF minutes.

17 CITADELS IN THE CITY John Thompson on gated communities.


22 LIGHTING and regeneration: Andrew Tindsley of BDP.

25 DESIGN AND QUALITY Bob Neill, chairman GLAÕs spatial planning and development committee.

27 PLANNING REFORM Its impact on major projects: Steve Clark, head of planning, London Borough of Merton.

28 WHAT PEOPLE WANT MORIÕs Bob Worcester & Kully Kaur-Ballagan.

30 STREET SIGNS Barrie Moore has proposals for getting around.

32 BOOKS Claire Bennie on London Revealed.

33 EMBRACING SUBURBIA Vesna Goldsworthy and Chris French on Kingston's new course.

35 THAMES GATEWAY CPREs London director Nigel Kersey.

37 AFFORDABLE HOUSING Dan Lewis on its crazy cost.

39 SOCIAL HOUSING Procurement savings: Jane Greenoak of the NHF. DIRECTORY OF LONDON PLANNING

41 Internet guide to planning authorities

42 Quick guide to London authorities

43 Planning Advice

44 PiL Yearbook 2004: how to get it!



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