WHAT'S IN the January/March 2004 issue of PLANNING IN LONDON, issue 48

2 OPINION Stand up for planning; What Katie does next

3-13 NEWS & BRIEFING London loses out in transport stakes; Planning performance by London boroughs; applications July-Sept 2003; PILLO! The digital divide; Diary; Next LP&DF meeting; Letters; Its noise not overlooking; LP&DF minutes; The London Conference, report; An everyday story by Dr Matthew Carmona of UCL

14 LONDON FIRST Planning tariffs; Olympic bid; planning awards

17 STRATFORD CITY Stephen Jordan, MD of London & Continental Railways and Fiona Scott on creating an urban interchange

22 INTELLIGENT TRANSPORT Brokering for better public transport: Dr Jenny Mageean of TORG, Newcastle University

26 FUNDING TRANSPORT BPF chief executive, Liz Peace

27 AIRPORT DEVELOPMENTS DEGWs Philip Tidd on the opportunities

30 STREETS ..of fear and of fun: Philip Connolly

32 DEVELOPMENT SCHEMES GLAs Farah Humayun on replacing UDPs

34 TAKEAWAYS A class of their own: Dominos Pizzas John Cox

35 CITY GROWTH STRATEGY LDAs Eric Osei on business-led development

37 SUB-REGIONAL PLANS Robin Thompson on sustainable communities

39 ARTY ARCHITECTS David Beardmore of G L Hearn has a go

41 BUILDINGS AT RISK More than rescuing ruins, says EHs Delcia Keate

44 LOW COST HOMES Ruth Bagnall, chair of LGA Housing Executive

45 SAFER STREETS UCLs Prof. Bill Hillier provides the missing evidence on security by design

50 KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY Mark Hepworth on planning for the 21st Century

53 SUBURBAN IMPROVEMENT Districts: Alexandra Rook of the Civic Trust

55 BOOKS Dan Lewis on energy; Andrew Justice on Sharp DIRECTORY OF LONDON PLANNING

57 Internet guide to planning authorities

58 Quick guide to London authorities

59 Planning Advice

60 PiL Yearbook 2004: how to get it!




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