WHAT'S IN the October/December 2002 issue of PLANNING IN LONDON, issue 43

2 OPINION Dump the status quo; Devilish detail.

3 NEWS Flexibility the key to Kings Cross; letter; Clipboard.

4-5 BRIEFING Planning performance by London boroughs; Planning applications April to June 2002; Government Office publications and pipeline; Diary;Thameslink 2000 Ôcan be delivered 'PILLO! Next LP&DF meeting.

6-8 London First Guest feature: Local tax reinvestment.

9-14 THE DRAFT LONDON PLAN Two critiques: Judith Ryser and Drummond Robson.

14 RICS residential forecast

15-16 LP&DF: draft London Plan

17 Paving the Way Alan Baxter AssociatesÕ report for CABE.

18-22 Tall buildings and sustainability Dame Judith Mayhew.

23-24 The New west End Co. Helen Robinson OBE on London's first BID. 25-27 Is the urban renaissance happening? Patrick Hammil asks.

29-30 Cutting through bureaucracy RICS Nigel Smith.

31-2 Light rail success DLRÕs general manager Howard Smith.

33-35 Congestion charging The Edinburgh plan: Alex Macaulay.

36-37 80% of life Philip Connolly on walking.

38-39 Scale of housing shortage Philip Prof. Christine Whitehead of the LSE.

40-41 Density LHFÕs Laura Hare

42-44 Design quality in housing George Gardner of TM2 & John Calcutt of Crest

45-46 Shared ownership Mark Lupton & Sue Regan.

47 Commercial impact of affordable housing ATIS REAL Weatheralls.

48-50 Environmental impact screening GLAÕs Christine McGoldrick.

51-53 Sustainability of the London Plan Clive Harridge of Entec. 4-55 Housing capacity measurement David Rudlin of URBED.

56 Book: Planning Law Les Robinson DIRECTORY OF LONDON PLANNING

56 Index of profiles previously published

57 Internet Guide to planning authorities

58 Quick guide to London authorities

59 Planning Advice


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